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How I can help you

Together, we can uncover what is making you unwell, and guide you towards healing in a natural way.

You’ll learn how to take control when your symptoms arise, and what can help you through testing times. Experiencing the incredible positivity of being able to take care of your body and mind can literally transform your life.

I use META-Health and META-Kinetics to make links between symptoms and emotions. I then use a range of techniques in the self-healing process.

Are you ready to take control?

This means taking responsibility for the position you are in. For standing apart; not for playing a victim; for regaining your power and taking the reigns. This can feel scary. But phenomenally powerful and life changing at the same time!

Take the path to becoming healthy and happy. Read about what my clients say about me.

Email me to arrange a call – we can have a chat to see how I can guide your natural healing.
Roni Flatley - I help clients overcome physical and emotional health conditions