Might this be my first blog? Who knows? It could just be for me but whatever it is it feels important to capture in the moment. It’s a moment of personal clarity and so often I have these and they’ve gone by the time I come to record them in my journal.
This morning I had a free morning before my cranio sacral appointment. Trouble with free mornings is I have so many things I could do in that free time. I’m learning Spanish and have some brilliant CDs to listen along to. I have several excellent shamanic journey MP3s I could journey along to in order to find clarity,  release not-self behaviour,  uncover hidden blocks etc etc.  I have a stunning garden that needs tending. I have beautiful fields full of spring lambs I could walk in, communing with ‘my’ Oak trees. I have a myriad of practical house tasks. I have input to gather for my new website. I have my Dolphin arcana meditation to connect to. My marvellous Flexiccore Challenger to exercise on. And of course there’s the delicious Chuckling Goat bath melts to sink in to.
I did some of those things  (combining a bath and exercise with learning Spanish works for me, bit of multi tasking). But I did something else. I put on a track from my recently purchased ‘Now that’s what I call Classical’ album. Smooth Criminal by 2 Cellos. It’s the most freeing piece of music and I BOPPED  and shook and stomped to it playing at full volume. The moment of clarity?  THIS gets me in to my body. THIS allows the unexpressed feelings to come up. THIS allows me to express myself freely. Music bypasses my thinking mind and gets in to my cells. My thinking mind doesn’t feel threatened. All my thoughts are still there but they are thoughts of joy and expression and not just a little emotion, sadness, regret, a longing, I’m not sure which, perhaps all of them. A sadness about the regret of not doing more of this when I know it works for me. A longing for more, or a longing to feel that body connection with me, with divinity.