Well, not sure quite what to think today. It feels like the Ecuador/Peru challenge started in earnest on Saturday when I found out my passport didn’t have quite 6 months after my entry into Peru. For the sake of 4 or 5 days I didn’t want to risk not getting in so I booked an urgent appointment in London. I got over that mini meltdown after I’d got my photo and application.
However, this morning I forgot my passport and so missed my train. I’ve made a judgement call to take the risk that they’ll let me in if I arrive late because I can’t change the appointment. And if I rebook it’s another £128 even though most of that cost is for the passport renewal itself. 
So now, as I sit on the train powerless to make anything externally any different (I can’t make train go faster, I can’t slow down time and I can’t make them see me, all I can do is look inward and wonder what the heck this is all about. Do I decide it’s the universe conspiring against my trip? Do I decide it’s a test of my centeredness  in the face of adversity?  Is it that I needed have worried over 4 or 5 days short on my passport? Or something else. Or nothing at all, just life being it’s unpredictable self. Truth is, I can think about all of that and decide whatever I like, it’s my choice. Or I could just enjoy the short rest from here til London and let whatever happens flow. Choices choices.
Something else that I’ve wondered many times before about being in the flow. Does being in the flow mean that only ‘good’ things happen? Or can we stay in the flow while our lives are feeling difficult – do our lives feel difficult because we are out of flow or is it the difficulty that throws us off balance? Yes these are the questions I ask myself frequently. Do I get overwhelmed because of events or am I already feeling overwhelmed so then the events feel overwhelming?