You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

My Approach

I help my clients to heal themselves. As a coach, healer and facilitator, I am always looking at how I can make the biggest improvement to my client’s health and wellbeing.
My approach is a holistic one – looking at the person as a whole rather than focusing on isolated health issues. Whether you are experiencing a skin complaint, hormonal imbalance, digestive problem or mental health issue, together we discover and heal the root emotional cause rather than simply addressing the symptoms.

By listening carefully and using intuition as well as knowledge, I will choose the tools and techniques to suit you and what you are experiencing.

The Hayloft Healing Space, where the magic happens,  creates a calm place where you can feel safe and nurtured; letting things unfold without judgement.

Why I do what I do

At first, my journey was one of self-discovery and self-healing.
After experiencing the power of META-Health and EFT myself, I became fascinated with the link between physical health issues, and emotional well being.

I decided to train as a practitioner, and have continued (and continue) to train in modalities that complement my practice as a coach, healer and facilitator, as well as enhance and deepen my personal journey. I now share my knowledge and the skills I have learned to help people transform their lives. I coach and guide my clients to become the most vital, joyful and healthful version of themselves.

Why I became a health coach

Share in the wisdom

If you’d like to learn how to get your health and vitality back, get in touch. If it feels right for us both, you could finally be on the way to transforming your life.

Stratford and Beyond

I’m based near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire UK
If you don’t live close by, I offer consultations via Zoom, or a one to one retreat in my home.