I am learning a lot about nature and my relationship to it living here.
It is a reflection of me in my life.
I want the small, pretty birds to be in my garden. I don’t want the pigeons, the jackdaws even the starlings, who eat all the food and are bullies to the little birds.
Like my life.
I want the pretty things, the pleasant experiences, the joy, not the hard stuff, the sadness, the ‘grey’.
ATwo years ago I had some colour analysis done with the Luscher Colour system and the colour I liked the least was grey. Which highlighted my wish to avoid all darkness, all pain.
The analyst suggested I embrace the grey – because the other side of the grey is the light, the colour of life.
Avoiding grey doesn’t lead to joy.
So, I am learning to embrace the pigeons, the jackdaws and the starlings, just as I am learning to embrace all hues of my life.