Meta-Health Introductory Weekend

Would you be interested in finding out the root cause of any health issue that you have? And if so, would you be prepared to do the inner work required to change that health issue, your beliefs, your behaviours and your life? Or do you work with clients and want to be able to help them faster?

This weekend is a gentle introduction to this fascinating and deep information. You will be learning and practising with each other in a safe environment. Lunch and snacks are included and we are surrounded by nature for a relaxing rest from the learning and transformation.

On joining this weekend, you will have stepped into a brand new world of self-adventure. Laughter and tears are guaranteed.

The cost for the two days including a healthy lunch and snacks is £175 with a £75 deposit payable in advance to secure your place. Please note this is being held in a private home so numbers are limited. Accommodation is NOT included.

Please email me for details of dates, how to pay and any questions you may have.

Meta-Health Academy

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