Here are some useful links to professional bodies representing some of the therapies that I do, along with people and products I have worked with and can recommend.


International META Health Association – The professional body responsible for setting and maintaining the standards for practitioners worldwide

AAMET International – One of the professional bodies responsible for accrediting EFT practitioners worldwide

META Health Academy – UK and International academy where I trained in EFT, The Human Design System, 64 keys, META-Health and META-Kinetics. This is the only academy for the innovative META-Kinetics training.

Temenos Touch – the only training for Temenos Touch, based in London and the South East UK

Human Design – The original Human Design UK website with access to free charts and reources as well as a list of analysts. 64 Keys is an advancement on this system and available through the META-Health Academy in the UK

Julia Cleaver ARPS – Many of the photographs on my website were taken by this wonderfully talented photographer

Purple Star Design – Websites, branding & book creation, all things graphic design, marketing & print

I use natural, organic and/or chemical free products in my home and on my skin, from a range of suppliers. Some of these I have accounts with so you can order through me. Everything I am recommending is from personal experience.

Tropic – vegan, freshly made in the UK skincare and more – you can order through me. Neals Yard – organic skincare and essential oils. Enjo – for cleaning everywhere without chemicals. Spiezia Organics – hand made in Cornwall UK 100% organic skincare as used in Spa centres and recommended for patients with cancer