Words about Roni

I asked some of my recent clients a few questions to explain a little about their experience with me. Here are a handful of their comments…

How did your sessions feel?

I had a sense of peace and trust when in her presence. Roni is a very human person with deep compassion. She has a natural kindness and gentleness and is very sensitive when treating with delicate issues.

What is Roni like to work with?

[Roni is] willing to do the best for me, precise, empathetic, non judgmental, fun, supportive and present all along the process (not only during the session, but also between sessions) …feeling a sense of trust and warmth, no judgement, feeling safe in letting go of my barriers.

What convinced you to work with Roni?

My decision to work with Roni was very based around the fact that she is well articulated and explains things – it is important to me to understand the things I engage with.

What technique did Roni use with you, and how did it help?

During our sessions we undertook a number of different ways of working and I found that very helpful. Roni used META-Kinetics with a number of healing methods including some shamanic techniques. Over several months I processed some deep emotions from the past and have uncovered layers of healing as a result of which I have grown and moved my life forward in many tangible areas.

What did you work on and how did it help?

Our work together has ranged from current stressors, for example with relationships, to deep family patterns. I have been particularly moved by the Shamanic healing practices we have done, as these have enabled me to access and release patterns going back several generations. Through working with Roni, I have gained greater self-acceptance and self-love as well as more harmony in my relationships.

What hesitations did you have about working with Roni?

I wasn’t sure how many sessions I would need and was worried this could continue for a long time. I also wasn’t sure what to expect, as META-Kinetics and META-Health is not something I had experienced at this stage.

Why did you decide to work with Roni?

Roni was highly recommended by a close friend that had worked with her, when I said I was experiencing emotional issues and ill health she couldn’t recommend her more highly as she had helped her so much.

How have things changed for you as a result of working with Roni?

I understand why some illness may happen and I look to see where this may have happened, how I can deal with it, using some of the approaches like EFT or checking into my body. I feel more empowered and understand things that may be happening more and others in a greater way.

What has Roni helped you with?

Where do I begin? I have suffered with seriously acute panic attacks for decades, OCD thinking, germ phobias, symptoms of PTSD and other very deep seated issues. I did have several attempts at CBT, saw psychologists, psychiatrists but found it extremely difficult to trust [and] open up around the deep seated reasons for all these symptoms.

How have things changed for you since working with Roni?

My anxiety is greatly reduced… my family and friends have all noticed and commented on my progress! I have suffered with psychosis for a long period of time on and off but not taken medications for several years since working with Roni and now for the first time ever, my psychosis is in remission. So to me, this speaks volumes about how effective Roni’s input has been for me.

Who would you recommend Roni to?

I recommend Roni to those looking for answers to health issues or a sense of being held back by your own thoughts and feelings.

I just wanted to let you know how bowled over I am by the treatment I had at Temenos weekend. I know I shouldn’t really be surprised but I am. I have done such a lot of work and had some amazing releases from beautiful healers and learned such a lot but this was really exceptionally helpful. Thank you!

I spoke to Roni about continual headaches and migraines. With her professional, calm and caring approach I was confident she would be able to help. She used techniques which have almost stopped the repeating headaches and significantly reduced the number of migraines to almost zero over the last year.
Clare, Leicester

Roni is a wonderful caring coach with a wealth of experience & transformation in her own life. She used this to sensitively encourage me to open to the possibility that my physical & emotional symptoms are my greatest guide to create balance & wellbeing in my life.
Julie, Torpoint

I have no hesitation in recommending Roni, as an excellent META-Health Coach. She is extremely professional and knowlegeable with a manner which creates a relaxing and easy atmosphere. All the ingredients necessary to be a highly successful coach.

Jane, Birmingham

Roni has a measured and deliberate style of coaching. She is knowledgeable and empathetic. As a client there is space to talk and think and a strong sense of being really listened to. I would always feel safe in recommending Roni not only because of the above but because of her professionalism.
Sue, Halifax